Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bloggers Choice Contest

I have been seeing various bloggers choice fabric selections and have always thought it would be fun to try to put one together.  To add extra incentive to this goal there is a contest going on here:
Above are my selections.

1.    Babysaurus White Dino Numbers  

2.    Little One Organic Sunshine Yellow Multi Dots  

3.    Mod Tod Green Waving Stars 

4.    Brown Stone Blue City Dog

5.    Babysaurus Light Blue Dino All Over

6.   Little One Organic Sunshine Yellow Tonal Star Dots Yardage

7.   Rocking Horse Ranch Blue Tossed Horseshoes Yardage

8.    Aunt Grace Centennial Solids Royal Blue  

9.    Kona Cotton Green Tea  

10. Robot Factory Light Blue Robot Connections

11. Michael Miller Orange Cotton Couture Solid

12. Little One Organic Orange Tonal Star Dots

13. Durham Anew Pale Blue Polka Dots 

14. Bot Buddies Blue Doodle Dots

15. Babysaurus Green Tiny Stripe Yardage

I have baby boy on the brain these days so these are the fabrics I would pick for a baby boy quilt.  It includes fun prints of: dinosaurs, robots, dogs, stars, horseshoes, numbers, and little screws.  I did make one with some of the same colorway about a year ago for a nephew.

I think the new selection makes it less summer's child and more of a neutral boy. What do you think?  I am crossing my fingers that I win but already there are so many awesome entries!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Blog - New Look

I had a previous blog but due to a template I had loaded I was limited to very few design elements that would cover the old design.  After trying for awhile and even having my husband look at it I finally decided just to 86 the old blog and start a new one.  A new blog for a new year!  I hope you all enjoy this blog and this new year!  Hopefully I will be able to create a really nice new custom background for this blog!  *Pictured is a quilt I made this last year for a friends toddler*