Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sneak Peek at my Sewing Space and Other Projects

 My friend Carrie, has wanted me to share my new sewing space for awhile now.  So I finally got my pendents all sewn and hung. I also made some decorations for one of the walls.

The close up of the decor I made:

What do you think?  I am thinking of painting my sewing table.  It was around a 25 dollar purchase from a thrift store!  My parents found it and then made a new cutout to fit around my machine!  I also want to get a brand new chair...or paint and recover the one I have.

Another awesome thriftstore find of my Grandma's was this little rocker minus the trim and cushions.  She gave it to me to fix up for my daughter!  I added the trim with staple and glue guns.  I then sewed new covers for the rocker.  I think the bottom pad that came with it isn't substantial enough so I might make a thicker one...but that will require finding more of that print.  So we shall see. 

Here are a few other things I have been doing this week:

Braiding hair!  This is the first major success I have had at anything remotely complex.  I am more of a basic three part braid....anything beyond that or adding hair and I am all thumbs.  I sat down with an idea and it finally worked.  Down it hung nicely and naturally over her shoulder.  She wanted it up though.

 I found the cutest chalkboard stickers at a craft store in town along with liquid chalk  Aren't these fun looking now?  I really want to get jars and do it in my craft room too.

 I have also been cooking and trying things on pinterest.  I found an awesome pizza corona and decided to make one.  So simple and awesome! Next I think I would like to try making the Braided Nutella Bread. 

I did get my dresden plate quilt 100% top stitched and the top part of the binding sewn on!  So all I am doing now is hand stitching and then will get back to quilting more. I refuse to touch any other quilt until it is finished.

Happy Crafting!