Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Night Update

I finally dropped off 3 quilts to the local chapter of the Red Cross.  I felt so shy and awkward about it.  I don't really have a lot of confidence when it comes to my quilts (I feel like an amateur compared to others) and I kinda like anonymity.  Truth be told, I haven't been sewing too much lately.  What I did manage though:

 I cut out pieces from some old Art Gallery Fabric to make a purse as well as some farmer's wife blocks.  I got binding put on the top of my garden fence quilt (picture was taken pre-quilting and binding):

Now I am on to hand stitching the back on.

I did a little work on my "Elephant Dreams" quilt.  Here is an old photo which includes the little drawing I came up for it:

 I plan to hand embroider him on this next week (fingers crossed).

 I also made a block for Kilah and got it mailed off.  I have a little girl who is about her age so this story really devastated me.   3 year olds are just so fantastically full of life and overflowing with personality.  I pray that her little spirit recovers as well as her body.  Quilts are so medicinal that I think this special one being made with so much love for her will help boost her spirit and bring a little comfort.  If you haven't heard about Kilah's story and the quilt project you can find out more about it here:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I understand what you mean about not being confident with your quilts - I feel the same way. However, I feel if I'm donating something that's less than perfect (ok....a REALLY long way from perfect), it's still a donation of my time and money and loved-on project, so I tend to not worry so much about it.

    PS - that elephant dreams quilt is going to be so cute!