Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Look at my new "Love" canvas!  I won it from Carrie over at Believe Magic. She is truly the sweetest most cheerful person I have ever met!  My canvas has found a home on my desk.  It really makes me happy to look at. 

I have been struggling to catch up/finish projects and to take photos of everything...I am lacking a little in the photo department.  Far more progress without photo documentation.  At least there is progress!  The good news is I am all caught up in the Half Square Triangle Quilt Along over at In Color Order!

August Block of the month

September Block of the month

The first time I made this one I made a mistake!  Can you spot the difference?

I really hate when that happens!!

There has also been progress on the Apple of My Eye Quilt (where I am lacking the photos) and the my bee blocks from the modern quilt guild.  I am waiting on a few more blocks before I lay I share it.  But it is looking pretty fun! I need to get more stuff done.  I have a few quilt deadlines coming up.  Babies are due to be born and will need little quilts to welcome them into the world.  :)  Hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall!


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