Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Helping Out

I have been staying up really late (early morning) helping/teaching a friend how to quilt.  She is leaving to bring the quilt to her sister on Friday...so we are trying hard to get it all finished up by then.  All that is left after last night is the binding.  I promise to show photos of the completed quilt after she gives it to her sister.  In the meantime here are two more blocks I made:

This one is for "The Boxcar Children" - The book has a shadow picture and the cover doesn't show much either so I had to sketch/wing it as best I could.

The next block was "Harold and The Purple Crayon".  I embroidered the outlines and then began to fill it in.  I joked that I could stop and just leave the rest unfilled so it looked like he was still coloring and my friend decided that was good.  So here it is. 

I have also managed to sneak in making 3 more Farmer's Wife blocks:

This is one of my favorites:

I adore the little beehive in the corner and the "Build Your Own Greenhouse" ad in the center.  On my table are centers for the "Dresden Plate" quilt and pieces for the Half Square Triangle Quilt Along.


  1. Love the glimpses at the Storybook quilt!

    1. Thank you! I hope to be given the green light to post the whole thing soon.