Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Little Quilts

So my stitching is a little crooked.  :)  But I still love my little doll quilt I whipped up for my youngest girl.  I made it from a free pattern offered over at:
We are doing homemade Christmas again this year and I have started with this project.  I love that the Fat Quarter shop now carries the little 2 inch pre-cuts! 

Happily, I finally managed to get this selection of fabric squares off of my cutting board and made into a little baby quilt/playmat or just a happy wall hanging.  I have yet to decide.  I am still also debating on what to back and bind it with. I call it my Square Chalk Box.  Quilting should be done by Friday as long as my littlest is agreeable.  :)  I love my little Cheerio eating monkey.  He captivates me so much of my time an I am more than happy to give him loads of my attention.  They grow so fast!  What takes you away from quilting?  

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  1. Lately it's been work. I've been working six days in a row and anywhere from 11 to 12 hours! :) Great on a paycheck.. bad for homelife and fun time. But overall worth it because it's giving me that little extra money for Christmas. We are opening up a new Walmart store (moving into a new building) here in Chester, SC and after this week I'll be going into training for my ZMS position (Zone Merchandise Supervisor) I recently got. But can't wait for things to go to "normal" and on a normal 8 hour schedule to get back to my kids and my sewing! :)