Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love to Read!

I have a book mark with a ninja on it that says "I have ninja like reading skills".  I think that just about sums up how my husband feels.  I read fast and it drives him crazy that I can go through books faster than he can.  We sometimes read the same sci fi or fantasy series and he asks to read them first because I am so fast.  I just kinda get lost in them and they play out like a movie in my head.  The other day I heard about a fiction series about quilters and thought it might be fun to give it a try.  I don't usually read books like these but hey, they might be fun. I called up my husband and asked if he wouldn't please mind dropping by and picking up a copy or two at the local library on his way home from work.  He agreed, but he had a little surprise for me. He had got me two of the books in the series:

and then he pulled out one more book.

He found it in the quilting section for me (this took effort since the fiction section and quilting section are not even on the same level of our library).  He said that he thought I just might want the book that has quilts/patterns inspired by the series.  I had no idea this even existed!   It was so sweet of him and unexpected!  I have to tell you too, I am adding this book to my wishlist!  I have already found several blocks and patterns I am dying to make and try!  Such inspiration.  I think my husband is a keeper - you can keep the "Hey Girl" poster boy.


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