Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last of the Solstice Stars

I finished this last star up early last week but have been extremely busy lately and haven't made it on here to post. 

After laying all of my stars out I decided to make another of the first star in more coordinating colors.  I finally have a vision for finishing the quilt and this will fit into the final layout better than the one I had originally made.

However since finishing up the blocks I haven't found a great deal of time for quilting.  I have had scouting events for two of my children and a 3rd little one who has had a nasty addition to a bathroom remodel due to necessary repairs.

I did manage to do a few things:

A small doll blanket per my youngest daughters request from scrap fabrics (I am still working on using scraps!) I didn't measure or cut anything rigidly - I just pieced and went with the flow.  I also wasn't too careful about going around the edged since I had a 2 year old on my lap helping finish up her blanket.  But she adores it and that is all that matters.

I also finished cutting my initial squares for a interlocked friendship star quilt:

I need to order another set of fabric for it to be large enough for a twin and I need to decide on the background color.  I am considering a kona bone color or something tan...I want the stars to really sing and many of the fabrics contain white backgrounds.  I am open to other suggestions.

Last but not least I tried applique.  I have only even done raw edge so I decided to give the classic 1/8 inch hidden stitch method a go.  I don't have any pictures but I know that even though I was able to do it (and a heart shape at that) I will need a little more practice to perfect it so all the stitches are perfectly hidden. Maybe I will give this pillow a try for lots of practice:

I own one of her patterns to make a nice size wall hanging of a tree with birds and multicolored leaves...but haven't been able to bring myself to do it since all I know how to do is raw edge applique.  Here is the link if you are curious:

The idea is to make enough birds in the tree for each member of our family and hang it in the hallway.

This weeks goals:

Finish up the Dresden plate quilt top
Make my oldest daughters star pillow top - she already has colors picked out for it
Work on finishing up the hand-stitching on the large lattice lap quilt

We are getting closer to having a new little one in the house so we shall see just how much I can do before the arrival.


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