Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kicking it Old School

I found some cute Pac Man and Space Invaders fabrics awhile back and thought at first about using it in a larger quilt.  However, I decided a black and white theme might not be too uplifting for the intended recipient.  My intended recipient has to spend a whole lot of time in dialysis.  :(  So I decided to make him a kindle cover for his kindle.  I really hope he likes it and that it fits his Kindle.  I used the tutorial from here: 
I added a flap and Velcro instead of the button closure.  I was a little scared about going off pattern to add my flap and Velcro but it all worked out.  Whew!

I didn't see the stray little string until I took the photo.  The string isn't even attached, just a stray.

I have also finished the second Half-Square Triangle block.  My husband says he is not so sure about how it is going to come together (and to be honest I am not sure either).

Other than that I am doing a load of hand quilting of a large lap quilt.  I am not going to post photos until it is finished but it is a beauty!  Lastly, I am working hard on selecting the right fabrics for the 2 new solstice stars I have to catch up on.  I should have them done *knock on wood* by the end of this weekend.  We shall see.   How are your projects going?


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