Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Farmer's Wife Progress

I have made a little progress on the Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks.  I have two more cut and partially pieced but I need to put it aside and get my April block done for the Half Square Triangle Quilt along.  Finding time these days is getting harder.  My sweet little boy is one that wants to be held all day.  I am soaking it up since I am sure he is my last baby.

The best thing is that I have a little partner for the quilt along.  My daughter has decided she wants to make a twin sized Farmer's Wife quilt. I have tried to convince her to do a doll quilt or a lap size but she is sure she wants to do one that fits her bed (she is about 7).  So over the next year we will be partners in crime.  She selects all of the colors, irons the fabric, and then sews them together.  I iron the seems open for her.  I am excited for her!  It is fun to see her working on these.  She is hand-stitching some and machine sewing others.  She is definitely better at hand-stitching right now (I just draw on the seam for her and she sews across it) but this will be great practice for her and really allow her to learn a ton!


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