Friday, March 30, 2012

Slowly Getting Back to Life

Almost 2 weeks ago I had this little guy:

After the hospital life seems like it is chaotic and in fast forward.  Slowly though I have been working on getting back into crafting.  My mom found this wonderful book at JoAnn's while she was here.  I had mentioned that I wanted to make a simple one and asked for her help finding the correct yarn to use.  I am so glad she found this book!  How fun!  I need more yarn - I want to try so many of the patterns in here.

Here is one I made (it is missing the final border - I had to tear it out because I just didn't reach).   It is easy enough to do hand work while I am breastfeeding and holding the baby.

I also started hand-sewing one of the Farmer's Wife blocks.  I will share a picture of that when it is finished.  I am hoping to get back to doing even more soon.  However, I am not rushing it too much. I am totally enjoying the quiet snuggling and feeding I spend most of my days doing currently.


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